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Vezlay Foods Pvt. Ltd. Is formed to provide the nutritious, healthy and delicious vegetarian foods in hygienic and cost effective manner. We manufacture soya products in India and one of the first soya product suppliers in india. We have very innovative ready to eat food products made of soya, which have texture same as non-veg. Most of our valuable products are first time in India. We are getting very healthy response from our customers… The reason behind is soya innovation.

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Vezlay Foods love our customer and nothing make us happier than hearing what our customer are saying about our products & foods

Vezlay’s Products have Non Vegetarian taste and if any would like to have the flavor of veg in Non Veg taste. Then i would surely recommend then to eat Vezlay’s Products .
the great khali
The Great Khali
WWE Superstar
It has got Awesome taste and it’s texture looks like non-vegetarian products, I will surely recommend to others to use this kind of soya food.
Sukhbir Singh Badal
Sukhbir Singh Badal
Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab
Products like sheekh kabab, Rogan Josh have non vegetarian taste and even it can be taken by Vegetarian people who want the same type of taste in veg.
India TV
Independent News Services Private Ltd.
Your product is very very tasty & delicious. Are you not able to feel that it is made with soya, It’s taste exactly like non-veg.
Mr. kumar view
Mr. Kumar
United Nations (Switzerland)
home vegetables

Crispy Honey Chilli Soya Vegget

Cooking Method

  • Boil Soya Vegget In 1 Litter Water And 1⁄2 Teaspoon Salt For 10—12 Minutes Or Oil Becomes Soft. Now Drain The Water And Squeeze Soya Vegget Properly Then Keep Aside In A Bowl

  • Take Soya Vegget Bowl And Sprinkle Corn flour, Salt, Pepper Powder Over It Then Toss And Deep Fry Till Crispy And Golden Brown.

Soya Vegget

Soya Noodle And Vegetables Soup

Cooking Method

  • Take 50 Grams Of Soya Noodlee And Break It In Small Pieces (8-10 Cm). Put The Broken Soya Noodlee In 1 Liters Of Water And Boil It For 15 Minutes Approx (Till It Becomes Fully Soft). Strain The Soya Noodlee And Keep It Aside.

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Soya Vegget