Chop Stick

Chop Stick

Chop Sticks

This is Vezlay’s Innovative Item Blended with Soya Spices and Marinated. It’s Yummy and Crunchy, Which You Can Eat with Mint Sauce. Firstly, Throw it and Bring to Normal Temperature and You can also Fry with the Stick and after Frying, You can add in Curry also.

The start of something delicious

Ready to Fry

  • Proprietary Food

    Firstly Thaw Soya Chop Sticks, Then Deep Fry It And Use It In Any Of Your Favorite Cuisine Like Indian, Chinese, Continental Recipes Or Prepare Them Like Tea Time Snacks & Party!

  • For Frying Pan

    Bring It To Normal Temperatures And Deep Fry It. Serve It With Mint Chutney / Ketchup / Mayonnaise. After Fry You Can it in Add Any Curry. Pulao Etc.

    Note: Oil Temperatures Should Be 190℃ / 374℃ Or Fully Hot For Deep Fry.

  • Ingredients :

    Soy, Refined Wheat Flour, Starch Oil, Gram Flour, Spices & Condiments.

    Note: Contains Mono Sodium Glutamate Not Recommended For Infant Below 12 Months Ago.

    Allergen : Gluten, Soy
    Consume It the Day After Bring It To Normal Temperatures & Opening The Packets.

Chop Stick