Non Frozen

Soya Noodlee

It Is A Maida-Free And Easily Digestive Foodstuff. Soya Noodlee Is Rich In Dietary Fiber.

Soya Indi Chop

Soya Indi Chop Is Tasty And Nutritious Vegetarian Foodstuff.

Soya Vegget

Soya Vegget Is A Basic Veg-Stuff  also known as Non frozen Veg Chicken can be prepare  in so many ways.

Soya Chikka

Soya Chikka Is A Healthy And Delicious Pure Vegetarian Foodstuff.

Soya Vermicelli

Soya Vermicelli is a tasty and pure vegetarian Vermicelli.

Soya Noodle

Soya noodle is a tasty and pure vegetarian noodle.