Soya Burger Patty


Soya Burger Patty

A Veggie Burger Always Starts With A Great Healthy Patty. Soya Burger Patty is Purely Vegetarian Made From Soya And Freshest & Testiest Ingredients that We Can Get Our Hands On. Relish Our Delicious Patty And You Can Add It To Sliced Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cheese And Condiments Like Mustered Mayonnaise And Ketch Up To Taste.

The start of something delicious

Ready to Fry & Roast

  • For Frying

    • Remove The Soya Burger Patty From Packaging
    • It is Ready To Serve After 2-3 Minutes Deep Fry At 175 ℃ (Approx) Or Until Golden Brown.
  • For Roast

    • Remove The Soya Burger Patty From Packaging
    • Preheat Oven At 220 ℃ Put Soya Burger Patty On Baking Tray In A Single Layer And Roast it For 10-15 Minutes Or Until it turns Golden Brown.
Soya Burger Tikki pack