Soya Indi Fries

Soya Indi fries

Soya Indi Fries

It is a Very Delicious Snack, and it is Very Crunchy in Taste. It Gives You The Taste like Non-Veg Crunch Snack. Children Prefer It also You Can Supplement it with Ketchup.

The start of something delicious

Delicious & Nutritious Multi-recipes Foodstuff

  • Step 1

    Fry The Soya Indi Chop For 2-3 Minutes on a Low Flame And Add The Spices As Per Your Taste Before or After Fry. After frying It Is Ready To Eat

  • Step 2

    Add The Gravy Into Fried Soya Indi Chop As Per Your Choice And Get the Tasteful Curry

  • Step 3

    You Can Also Prepare Soya Indi Chop Like Paneer/Toffu As Per Your Taste

Soya Indi Fries