Soya Slice

Soya Slice

Soya Slice

Soya Slice Is A Delicious & Nutritious Snack with Mild Taste and It is Best for Those People Who like to eat Very Less Spicy food. You Can Saute it, fry it on Tawa and After Frying it. You Can add it in Gravy also. This is also Good for Stuffing in Sandwiches and Dressing in Salad. An Authentic Flavor Of Selected Spices Will Give You A Tongue-Tickling Experience And It Will Stimulate You To Take More. It Can be Used As Snacks and Drink of Beverages.

The start of something delicious

After thaw ready to Shallow Fry / Deep Fry

  • For Under Grill

    Preheat Oven To 180 ℃/ 360 ℃ / Gas Mark 6. Remove The Soya Slice from the Packaging And Thaw It and Place it On Oven Tray. Place The Tray It Oven And Bake it For 12-15 Minutes.

  • For In Frying Pan

    Remove The Soya Slice From Packing And Thaw It. It Is Fully Cooked Products And Can Be Served Directly (Cold) As Snack. It Can Also Be Heated Or Shallow Fried / Deep Fried For 2-3 Minutes To Serve As Hot Snacks.
    You Can Make A Delicious And Nutritious Sandwich / Grill Sandwich By Stuffing Soya Slice With Favorite Sauce & Sliced Vegetables. It Can Also Be Used In Multiple Recipes As Per Your Taste And Choice.

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