Soya Veg Block

Soya Veg Block

It can be used in multi cuisine food recipes like Indian, Chinese, Continental etc.

The start of something delicious

Multi recipe foodstuff

  • Cut

    Cut into pieces according to you recipe/taste like.

  • Roast

    Grill/Roast it with butter and top it up with butter, lemon, chat Masala for enhanced taste.

  • Process

    Cut it and roast/fry it(do not over fry it). /Cut it in pieces and marinate it for 1-2 hours and grill it./Cut it in small pieces and coat it with corn flour then fry it, then after frying add it in any curry.

  • Usage

    After shallow frying you can use it in making these dishes like-As a pizza topping, Roll, Sandwich, Curry